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Kenwei Package Scale Solutions abordables

Kenwei Package Scale Solutions abordables

Kenwei Package Scale Solutions abordables
  • Kenwei Package Scale Solutions abordables
  • Kenwei Package Scale Solutions abordables

Kenwei Package Scale Solutions abordables

The inspections for Kenwei package scale have been performed. These inspections include crocking testing, seam strength testing, stitch density testing, and colorfastness testing. It offers different methods of connecting computers or TVs


  • 01
    Utilisation de capteurs de pesage spéciaux de haute précision et de haute qualité.
  • 02
    Le circuit imprimé modulaire réalise un mode stable multi-échantillonnage intelligent et le pesage est plus précis.
  • 03
    Alarme de défaut intelligente, entretien pratique.
Kenwei Package Scale Solutions abordables-1
  • 04
    Mode de décharge concentré pour assurer la concentration relative des matériaux et améliorer la vitesse de fonctionnement de la machine.
  • 05
    Personnalisez intelligemment le nombre de plateaux de pesage pour atteindre le double standard de pesage et de comptage.
  • 06
    Garanti 2 ans et bénéficie de la période d'assurance qualité la plus longue du secteur.

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Disposition linéaire à double rangée, facile à utiliser par le personnel de l'atelier

Kenwei Package Scale Solutions abordables-3

La structure de conception de plateau de pesage ouvert de type ceinture peut résoudre efficacement l'alimentation de matériaux collants ou volumineux avec une faible fluidité.

Kenwei Package Scale Solutions abordables-4

Visualisez le signal lumineux LED, effacez la direction et la zone d'alimentation, et identifiez efficacement l'état actuel du plateau correspondant.

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Bande transporteuse facilement détachable, facile à nettoyer et interface IHM pour faciliter l'auto-apprentissage et l'échange d'informations





Identifier le code



Gamme de pesage

10 à 6 000 g

10 à 6 000 g


X 0,5

X 0,5

Vitesse maximale

30P / M

25P / M

Classe de protection


Dimension de la courroie de pesée

300 (L) x180 (W)

Panneau de configuration

Écran tactile de 10,1 po

Système de conduite

Moteur pas à pas

Puissance requise

220V / 800W / 50 / 60Hz / 3,6A

Dimension d'emballage (mm)

2200 (L) x 1200 (L) x 1160 (H)

2560 (L) x 1200 (L) x 1160 (H)

Poids brut

370 kg

450 kg


Kenwei Package Scale Solutions abordables-6
Il convient au pesage de gros blocs, bandes et matériaux de tige avec une fluidité médiocre, tels que le poisson, les nouilles, les crevettes et autres produits aquatiques, les produits carnés, les matières médicinales et autres matériaux.

Kenwei dog food packaging machine is inspected in various aspects. The pattern correction is checked based on size set garments measurement, the cut panels inspected before inputting to the sewing section, and fabric bonding strength checked after fusing. It is a powerful solution for home theaters, meeting rooms, and trade shows
Kenwei dog food packaging machine is manufactured after a series of complicated and sophisticated processes. They are mainly materials preparation, frame extruding, surface treating, and quality testing, and all these processes are carried out according to standards for exported furniture. Its optical system features high speed and long distance transmission
The design of Kenwei package scale takes into consideration many factors. They are good function and aesthetics, durability, economy, appropriated material, appropriated structure, personality/identity, etc. Adopting innovative technology, it is designed to avoid unnecessary flicker
When Kenwei dog food packaging machine is designed, many necessary factors are taken into considerations, such as safety, stability, strength, contaminants and harmful substances, and ergonomics. Convenience in operation, it enhances users' experiences of using computers and video devices
Kenwei dog food packaging machine is designed by professional furniture designers. They approach the product from a practical point of view as well as aesthetics view, making it in line with the space. It is suitable for most popular USB devices
It has the advantage of corrosion resistance. The product can work stably in harsh conditions such as acid-base and mechanical oil environment. Its plug-and-play operation allows users to save much time
The product features strong corrosion resistance. Both the metal parts and mating faces are made of anti-corrosion materials such as stainless steel, plated steel, carbon, or ceramic. The product is completely free of electromagnetic interference
Treating water with this product is safe and harmless. The membrane filter, which features extreme small bore diameter, can filter nearly all harmful particles out.
This product has a focused reflectivity. Its material prevents full diffusion from occurring to provide greater control over the washout effects of ambient light. Convenience in operation, it enhances users' experiences of using computers and video devices
The product features the lowest energy consumption. It is 100% relying on solar energy, which helps cut the demand for electricity. The product is compatible with most of the popular screen resolution
It comes with the desired durability. The testing is done by simulating the load-bearing during the expected full life span of a mattress. And the results show it is extremely durable under testing conditions. The product can effectively receive signal via IR remote
Centering on the process management from design to production turns out to be effective to ensure the quality of package scale. It has smart EDID management, making it compatible with most display devices
Zhongshan Multiweigh Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has professional scientific research manpower and full sets of equipment. Its simple LED indicator makes operation user-friendly
Valuing the comments of customers will be conducive to the improvement of Kenwei. Adopting innovative technology, it is designed to avoid unnecessary flicker
Our clients all speak highly of our package scale and considerate service. Its built-in password protection prevents unauthorized access
After continuous innovation and perseverance, Zhongshan Multiweigh Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. won a good reputation in the industry. It is perfectly ideal for large demonstrations or meetings
Zhongshan Multiweigh Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has a complete processing equipment, advanced technology and a sound quality control system. It has many output ports which give greater connection flexibility
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