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standard conveyor belt manufacturers factory

standard conveyor belt manufacturers factory

Standard conveyor belt manufacturers factory

1 ensemble
L/C, T/T
Lieu d'origine
Hauteur de transport
Dimension package
5.5m3 / h / 400m3 / h
Dimension package
Matériel: 304 En Acier inoxydable
La certification: CE, OIML, SGS
Disponibilité: OEM/ODM
Heure de livraison: 7-30days
Port de départ: port de zhongshan
Capacité d'approvisionnement: 5000 ensembles / an

The inclined feeding conveyor features a fast transportation speed and flow rate, making it suitable for factories with mass production requirements and no floor space limitations. The inclined feeding conveyor is normally used as a front end conveyor before the packing process. Our conveyor has two kinds of belt material; one is suitable for conveyors of large granular products and powder or small granular products. The other is inclined belt conveyor, which is suitable for conveying powder, small particles and large particles products.

Product Type:JW-D1

1.The inclined conveyor is for lifting material

2.chain plate type :suitable for large particles material conveying belt type :suitable for powder and a wide range of free flowing products conveying

3.Max convey capacity :400mmm/h

4.convey height :2-3.6m.

standard conveyor belt manufacturers factory-1

Optional Equipment:

JW-B17 Manual System With Inclined Conveyor

JW-B21 Manual Weigher Packaging System

JW-B22 Bulk Weigher Packaging System

JW-B25 Box Type Packaging And Weighing System

Kenwei conveyor belt manufacturers is certified under both domestic and international certifications. It has passed the CCC, CE, RoHS, ENEC, UL, and CB certificates. It is able to balance and enhance colors that occur naturally in foods
Kenwei conveyors for sale is professionally designed. It is carried out by our designers who take many factors into considerations such as magnetic conductivity, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and insulation performance. It is able to make foods more appealing
The manufacturing processes of Kenwei conveyor belt manufacturers cover several stages. They may include the fabrication and solder of the circuit board, surface treatment, insulation testing, assembly, and commissioning. It is able to lower microbial activity
Right fabric is adopted for Kenwei conveyors for sale. It is chosen by our experienced designers who know how a fabric will drape and feel. It is able to make foods more appealing
Kenwei conveyor belt manufacturers is completed after a series of the production processes, namely, mold extrusion, turning, milling, drilling, lathing, grinding, and wire cutting. It may extend shelf-life and prevent food waste
In general, using this product is the easiest and most effective way to promote a commodity. This is because its use helps to brand this commodity. It can be used in very small quantities but contribute significantly
This product is designed to be protective. It can protect objects from shock, vibration, compression, temperature and more. It does not cause any side effects
The product is strong enough. It can protect the items being packaged from environmental and physical hazards from transportation and storage. It carries all the labels and certificates required for export
This product is the protector of the item. It effectively protects the item from physical shocks such as impact, wetting and bruising. It is designed to support nutrition delivery
This product protects the items which are packaged. Having the right hard texture, it will protect the item from damage from the outside world. It can provide nutritional benefits to consumers
Being well sealed, it serves as a protective shell. It blocks water vapor, dust, etc. from contacting the items being packaged. It helps control contamination that can cause foodborne illness
The product can create a large profit margin for customers. It has been exported to 100+ countries including the Netherlands, Korea, and Thailand
Its features highlight the broad space of its application. It helps prevent the loss of moisture in foods
This product has garnered significant attention and praise in the industry. It would impart flavor to foods that would otherwise be bland and tasteless
Kenwei has obtained fame and reputation in conveyor belt manufacturers market. It ensures that familiar foods have consistent qualities
Zhongshan Multiweigh Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has well experienced staff with remarkable qualifications. It helps maintain product quality and freshness
The product shows strong competitiveness in the field. It is able to enhance the texture of foods
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